TopTal React community has some really good freelancers. I am an Independent React developer who is different from other developers. It is easy for me to get projects through various channels at rates below $35 /hr. Working at lower billing rates works for me because I reside in India, a country with a lot of poor people and under-developed infrastructure. Any billing rate above $20 /hr is considered good for an Indian software developer.

Why I want to join TopTal

This is where TopTal gets attractive. TopTal offers the promise of higher billing rates. One of my partners suggested that TopTal allows Indian developers to earn more than $40 /hr. Higher billing rates are attractive. The clients do not expect a long-term relation with you. They want a short-term but well-defined relation. There is no time wastage in such projects. The whole effort is very focussed and aims to get a quality product from you. Working on short-term projects allows an independent developer like me to pursue other interests or spend time in quality vacations.

What is in it for TopTal

Higher billing rates are good for me. But what do the clients get in return? I am special in a way. I have over 18 years of experience in building software solutions. With that experience, I understand the requirements in almost any domain very quickly. I have worked in banking, insurance, retail, media, industrial automation, healthcare. The key to success is good decisions. Good decisions come from experience. And experience comes from bad decisions. With my vast experience, I can take the right path to building a good software application. As an added bonus, I have worked 4 years as a technical project manager.

I am attracted to the TopTal React community because of higher billing rates, short-term projects and hopefully plenty of time to pursue other activities. In return, I offer the ability to understand things quickly, take good decisions and finding the right path to build a quality software product. I hope it is a WIN-WIN for both TopTal and me.

I want to join the TopTal React.js Engineering Community.

Why I want to join the TopTal React community
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