My GridView displays a list of names. On double clicking the name, the name should be set in a textbox. This should happen without any postback. We will use client side scripts for the OnDblClick event handler.

To set client side event handlers, use the RowCreated event of GridView.

RowCreated event handler sets the OnDblClick event handler. We pass the row index to the event handler.

In the client side, we have the setSearch function. It handles the OnDblClick event of the GridViewRow. We get the table. From the table, we get the table row using the row index. Use cells collection for getting to the right column. In our case, name is available in the first column. Get the name from the innerText property. We set the name as the TextBox value.

All of this is accomplished by plain old JavaScript. We did not use jQuery. It is possible to write the same code with jQuery. The selector for retrieving the name from the table cell is challenging. I will leave that as an exercise to the reader.

Handling OnDblClick Event of GridViewRow
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