And why it matters to you?

Disqus comments works better than WordPress comments. It allows you to comment without having to type in your name or email. If you are like me who comments regularly, you are already logged-in to Disqus. And there is no need to login more than once. Disqus authenticates with social providers like Facebook or Gmail. So, this should look familiar to most people. But that is not all.

It is possible to type some code in comments. If you want the code to appear inline, use the <code> tag. To comment a code block, use a <pre><code> tag. Please see an example of a comment with code blocks. Allowing code within comments is quite useful for a technical blog.

And that is not all. It is easy for the administrator (me) as well. Comment moderation is easier. It is also possible to feature comments. Featured comments are pinned to the top and is easy for everyone to see.

I hope you enjoy using my blog. Please feel free to interact with me via comments. I answer any queries you may have on my blog post. And I hope to see more comments and interaction on my blog.

Why I chose Disqus for my WordPress blog?
  • An example of inline code is console.log('Hello world'). And an example of comment block is

    console.log('Hello world');