I am a React developer from Bangalore, India. Before working as an independent developer, I worked for more than 16 years, delivering software solutions as an engineer, a consultant, and a manager. My past experience includes working in organizations such as ABB, Dell, and Microsoft. I hold a bachelor’s degree from IIT, Madras. My current passion is developing apps with React and React native.

My major contributions include:

  1. Software asset management, React web app.
  2. Trip booking web and mobile app, Olelo app for Cogmeta.
  3. Lead management, React web app, AdvisorConnect.
  4. Oil and Gas research portal, React web app, Finbrook Analytics.
  5. Warehouse pickup, React native android app, Cobwebb.

Apart from this, I contribute to several open source projects like reactabular, treetabular and mobx-model.

Hire me

My base rate is $ 40/hr. Please assign tasks to me using Trello, Slack or Asana. For screen share, we can use Zoom, Hangout or Skype. HubStaff and Upwork are good platforms to track time.

To hire me, send an email to vijay@vijayt.com. I usually respond within a day. And hope to work with you. I am active in Stack Overflow. For live help, please connect with me at CodeMentor.

Please expect me to work offline rather than collaborate actively during your timezone. Usually, I understand the context and requirements pretty quickly. The billing is based on actual hours performed, not 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. It is usually lesser. I send a weekly invoice with hours worked. It will be super if the payment is made within 3 days. This helps me to work without taking any advance money.


  • React skills – React, React Native, Webpack, CSS, SASS, Redux, Mobx, Relay.
  • API skills – API, Node, Express, Koa, Meteor.
  • Backend skills – SQL, MongoDB, Firebase, Redis, OAuth, Cognito, AWS, Azure, Elastic.
  • Machine learning skills – Python, NumPy, TensorFlow.
  • Other skills – Docker, CI, Git.