I am a “premium” React and React Native developer who likes to write clean code. I am available for hire at attractive hourly rates.

My major contributions include:

  1. Software asset management, React web app.
  2. Lead management, React web app, AdvisorConnect.
  3. Oil and Gas research portal, React web app, Finbrook Analytics.
  4. Warehouse pickup, React native android app, Cobwebb.

Apart from this, I contribute to various open source projects, answer questions in Stack Overflow and write articles at CodeMentor. Some of the open source projects that I have contributed are reactabular, react-feature-toggles and mobx-model.

How does it work?

My base rate is $ 30/hr. Tasks can be assigned to me on a regular basis. I work on a separate branch in the Git repo. I send pull requests to the repo owner or the engineering lead. For the hours worked, I send a weekly invoice via Paypal. Ideally, I will work with you till the project is complete.

Please Note: My engagement is part-time as I work for 30 hours /week with my regular client. I will work for 20 hours /week with you.

Expectations from you

I work remotely from my home in Bangalore, India. I am available via Hangout, Skype. But the preferred way of communicating with me is via Email or Slack. For React front-end work, I require the following from you:

  1. UX specs (approximate text specs is ok).
  2. API specs and dev endpoint.
  3. Git repo access for issues, branching, commits and pull requests.
  4. Slack or email for clarifications.

As a remote developer, it is difficult for me to adhere to stringent deadlines. My work should not lie on the critical path of the project for successful outcomes.

Hire me

To hire me, send an email to vijay@vijayt.com. I usually respond within a day. I hope to work with you. Thanks.