FAST has something called Views. Views encapsulate how content is structured, how search is performed, and how results are presented.

Content is organized using Collections. A collection is a grouping of FAST Documents. Each FAST Document has a specific structure, specified by Fields. The view also stores the profile based on which documents are indexed.

Search is performed depending on whether certain parameters are set in the View. For example, parameters like lemmatization, spell check, control how Search is performed and the result set returned by the query.

View also decides the fields and navigators that are returned in the search result.

It is useful to loop through each collection and dump the number of documents stored in each collection.

The HttpSearchEngine exposes the GetViewList method which provides a list of view names. Each view has a IContentSpecification interface. The interface exposes the Collections property which is a list of collection names.

Using the FQL: meta.collection:collection-name, a search is performed. The DocCount property of the result object has the count of all documents stored in a collection.

Getting all collections stored in FAST
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