Over the last six months, I am working intensely with the React ecosystem. I developed a web application and two native apps from the scratch. I have also been working on a few existing applications for start-ups based in New York, Spain, and Sweden. The move away from .NET has been amazing. I have never learnt something this fast. And I have never been so passionate about JavaScript and ES6 like I am now.

I am available for consulting in CodeMentor.

I am also available for side projects via Upwork.

Built solid knowledge on React, Redux, Native, Jest, Enzyme. You should consider involving me for consultation and reviews.

Free Stuff on React

Some of the github projects I have worked on in the last few months:

  1. react-test: Compares Jest and Enzyme for testing components.
  2. learn-web-dev:  Video Tutorial series that explains the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  3. react-es6-starter: Some starter code, especially for Redux. Not the greatest, but the first I built.

Also, watch out for my tutorials in CodeMentor.

I am also quite active on StackOverflow. Been contributing to answers and moderation. If you have any questions, I can be reached at StackOverflow. Ping me with your question and I will be glad to help.

Finally, if you did not notice. I have moved the site to WordPress. It did not make sense to invest in my previous blogging application: LiteBlog built on ASP.NET. I prefer to work on technologies other than .NET for the next few years.

Finally, nothing is better than writing code. Here is some simple React code, if you have not seen one. HTML, CSS, JavaScript are all embedded in a single reusable component. Very similar to the idea of ASP.NET WebForm controls without using the ugly PageState.

Hoping to hear from you for projects and consultations.

Available for projects in React
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