Using SQLite database in .NET with LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework 6

SQLite is an open-source SQL database engine. It is widely used in iOS apps. Create SQLite Database SQLite has an executable sqlite3.exe. To create a database with name accounting: Open the command prompt. Execute “sqlite3 accounting.sqlite”. The above command creates an accounting database. Execute “.tables”. .tables is a SQLite command which lists all tables. Add a Company table and a[…]

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Introduction to FAST Search API

Microsoft FAST Search for SharePoint provides organization with enterprise search and information retrieval capabilities. FAST provides a simple API to query documents index in a FAST server. The FAST Search API is available in Esp-SearchApi assembly. Esp-SearchApi assembly is available for Microsoft Connect Developers. Here is a Hello-World program for searching using FAST Search API:

To query FAST, create a[…]

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Entity Framework vs LINQ to SQL

I searched the web for a comparision between Entity Framework vs LINQ to SQL. The most popular thread comes from StackOverflow. After going through several such links, I have compiled a few major differences which I am outlining in this post. The most surprising thing about LINQ to SQL is that it works only with SQL Server, especially SQL 2005 and[…]

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Deploying a data-tier application in SQL Azure

A data-tier application (.dacpac) is used to create or update database schema. A data-tier application can be deployed in SQL Azure using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). There are some scenarios when a data-tier application needs to be deployed programatically. This post explains how to deploy a data-tier application to SQL Azure programatically. The Problem I need to deploy a .dacpac[…]

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Comparing LINQ to XML versus XMLDOM

I have been trying out LINQ to XML for the past few weeks. I am impressed with the improvements in the API made over XML DOM.  In this post, I will illustrate a few nice features where LINQ scores over DOM. Creation of elements DOM


Adding elements as first node In LINQ to XML, Adding an[…]

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